If your disease landscape needs more focus, MeditrendsTM can provide a clearer picture.
Robust, Real World Evidence is a cornerstone of delivering innovative therapies and an integral part of business planning.
However, data viewed in isolation, and out of context, can be misleading. Meditrends provides detailed analysis and
interpretation of the HES data and so enables our clients to define, refine and
inform healthcare decisions and improve health outcomes


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NHS England and its partners in industry have an ongoing need to understand the landscape of disease.
MeditrendsTM is designed to facilitate constructive engagement between them in order to optimise
the delivery of healthcare benefits to patients




Dice and MeditrendsTM

The MeditrendsTM website contains aggregated data, produced by Meditrends Ltd. Dice Medical Communications
provides access to MeditrendsTM to NHS and its partners in the life sciences industry (pharmaceutical,
medical technology, and medical biotechnology), specifically members of:

The Association of British
Pharmaceutical Companies

The UK BioIndustry

The Association of British
Healthcare Industries (ABHI)

Privacy Statement

Because HES data contains information on health, it is sensitive data, and can only be processed for specific permitted purposes. Meditrends Ltd processes HES data for the following purposes:

The provision of health or
social care or treatment

The management of health or
social care systems



Ensuring high standards of quality and safety of health care and of medicinal products or medical devices Scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes