Access to the Meditrends website is free to NHS organisations, patient support groups and health care charities, ABPI, ABHI and BioIndustry Association member companies
Meditrends HES
Meditrends provides detailed analysis based on data from Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) for NHS patients in England. The dataset is limited at present but we will be adding new functions and metrics over the coming weeks and months
Meditrends gives registered users access to:
  • Monthly and latest available¬† MAT data on diagnoses and procedures
  • Patient and admission counts
  • Total bed days,¬†day cases and unplanned admission counts
Beta Site News
Meditrends is a developing website, with expanding functionality. Please register to view our current reports
Latest news & Developments
  • 17/11//2016: ¬†Meditrends Beta Site is now live with in-patient data to March 2016

Meditrends is provided to the NHS and its partners by Beacon Consulting

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